• Baby held at gunpoint during violent home invasion


    CONNELLSVILLE, Pa. - Police in Connellsville say a family went through a night of terror in their home when two men burst inside and threatened their 7-month-old baby.

    Two young men are in jail, accused of a home invasion in which they pointed a gun at a baby and held two adults at gunpoint. 

    The victims told Channel 11 off-camera they were afraid to continue living in their home, but are physically OK after their ordeal.

    "Obviously you don't want to see anything bad happen to people in general, but when you involve a child, it escalates things quite significantly," said Bryan Kendi with Connellsville Police.


    Connellsville police told Channel 11 they were initially called to the apartment at Gibson Terrace for a robbery early Wednesday morning.  

    When officers got there, the gunmen were gone and so was $2,500 of the victims' money.  

    "They found out it was actually a home invasion involving Malcolm Dyer and Lorenzo Oden, who had broken into the residence and held the two people at gunpoint," Kendi said. 

    Connellsville police were tipped off the two may be in another apartment within the same complex.

    As they were surrounding it, the two took off out the back door. 

    Police caught up with Dyer a short time later in Connellsville. Oden was picked up Wednesday night in Uniontown.


    Investigators say the victims knew of the suspects and say that's still under investigation, but they're grateful no one -- including the 7-month-old baby -- was hurt. 

    "At a public housing complex where everything is close together and that type of violence or risk thereof creates even more of a problem for the community," Kendi said. 

    Both men are being held in the Fayette County Jail while investigators work to figure out their motive.



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