Box truck crashes into parked cars, drives off


PITTSBURGH - A box truck crashed into several parked cars and a home’s porch early Monday morning in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood, police said.

Despite front-end damage, the truck continued driving after hitting the vehicles and knocking bricks off the porch shortly before 3 a.m. on Broad Street, officials said. One of the cars sustained significant damage.


Charles McKinley followed the truck after his father’s car was hit.

“I heard a big crash. I come upstairs and next thing I know there's a box truck stuck in the house over here,” McKinley said. “The cop told me he was glad that I followed him because they went exactly where the truck was.”

The truck was towed away, but the driver was not located.

Earlier in the morning, the truck struck a brick pillar at a Wendy’s on Baum Boulevard, police said.


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