Clean water samples lead to decision to reopen Summit Elementary School


SUMMIT TOWNSHIP, Pa. - The water is finally safe to drink and use at a Butler County elementary school.

It's been nearly a year since Channel 11 broke the news of high levels of lead in the water that eventually shut the school down.

Students started the school year at Broad Street Elementary in the city of Butler because of the water issues plaguing their old school, Summit Elementary, but parents learned through a district letter Friday afternoon that after Christmas break, they will be going back to their neighborhood school.

"I think that's great," parent Michelle Feidt said. "This is an hour drive from my kids on the bus every day back-and-forth."


Channel 11 broke the news of the high lead levels in the water at Summit Elementary last January.

Channel 11 uncovered key officials knew there was danger in the water, but told no one.

Days after our story, the school closed.

Within weeks, three key officials, including the superintendent, resigned.

After putting in public water, replacing every faucet fixture, water fountain, and testing for 10 months, the new superintendent was happy to announce Summit Elementary will be back after the break.

"I'm gonna put my trust in the district, they really tried," Feidt said.

Letters went home today with students.

This will be discussed, voted on and is expected to be passed at Monday night's school board meeting. 


The return to Summit Elementary means a change in the school calendar.

Dec. 21 students will attend Butler Intermediate High School.

Dec. 22 and Jan. 2 will be holidays.

Jan. 22 and Feb. 16 are now school days.



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