Driver jumps curb, plows through Aspinwall chiropractor's office


ASPINWALL, Pa. - An Aspinwall chiropractor’s office was damaged Friday when a driver plowed through the building. 

The accident happened at Newman Chiropractic on Freeport Road. 

PHOTOS: Driver plows through Aspinwall chiropractor's office

"I was sitting in my office and we heard just this huge boom. It sounded like a bomb went off," said Dr. Daniel Doyle, the owner of the office.

Investigators said the older female driver thought she had the car in park but accidentally hit the gas, sending the car over a curb and into the office. 


"We had one office worker that literally, the car went through her office, but she's away hunting this week," Doyle said.

The driver walked away unhurt and no one was injured. 

"Our receptionist was fine, but she had a bird's-eye view of it. She saw it happen right in front of her eyes," Doyle said.

Newman Chiropractic Center is putting up information online and on Facebook about its temporary office and plans to start seeing patients again on Monday.


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