Flames nearly destroy Penn Hills restaurant


PENN HILLS, Pa. - Flames nearly destroyed a Penn Hills restaurant Wednesday morning. 

The fire broke out just before 7 a.m. at Soul and Sea, a restaurant in the middle of a strip mall. 

Firefighters were able to stop the flames from spreading. 

The owner, Brittany Houser, told Channel 11 that her business had only been open for a few months. 


Houser said she’s still in disbelief.  

“It's done. It's done, there needs to be a whole restoration come in, a new ceiling, refrigeration, food -- everything is gone, everything is gone,” Houser said. 

Everything that she had worked for since opening up in July is now charred and burned.

The Penn Hills fire chief told Channel 11 that the fire started inside near the door and a passerby called 911 after seeing the flames. 

Although there is a great deal of damage inside the restaurant, Houser said she is determined to get it back up and running. 


"Thank God no one was hurt. That's my main thing. Nobody was hurt and everything should be OK," Houser said. 

But she, her husband and employees are all emotional over the loss. 

Houser's goal is to quickly get back up and running.

"I got this up rolling pretty quickly, I'm gonna get up rolling again. It's just a minor setback for a good comeback so I'm ready for it," Houser said. 

The fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire. 


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