• Lawsuit filed in deadly 2016 officer-involved shooting of suspect in fatal stabbing of K-9


    A lawsuit has been filed in federal court over a 2016 officer-involved shooting when a man was killed by Port Authority police.

    The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Bruce Kelley Jr. against two Port Authority officers, as well as Allegheny County.

    Attorneys argue the shooting was excessive, unjustified and unreasonable.

    "I think the police officer's actions here were completely inappropriate," said attorney Adam Bishop.


    Bishop represents the mother and sister of Bruce Kelley Jr.

    He was shot and killed in January 2016 after Port Authority police confronted him and his father for drinking under a gazebo on Port Authority property.

    The officers said Kelley and his father assaulted them and ran, and one of them had a knife.

    The incident was caught on surveillance cameras as Kelley was seen walking away and was followed by numerous officers.

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    "As you can see from the YouTube video, police really didn't know what to do," Bishop said. "They didn't know how to handle the situation."

    Port Authority's K-9 officers released their dog, Aren, which bit Kelley's arm.

    According to investigators, Kelley then stabbed the dog and two officers, Brian O'Malley and Dominic Rivati, opened fire.

    "They want to know why police shot their son and brother seven times to death, and especially shooting him twice in the back," said attorney Noah Geary.

    Both officers are named in the lawsuit, along with the Port Authority and Allegheny County.

    It's been almost two years since the incident. The lawsuit asks for compensatory and punitive damages, but does not list an amount.


    "No. 1, Bruce's life is more important than the dog," Geary said. "No. 2, it's our position that the dog is not dead because of Bruce Kelley."

    The Allegheny County District Attorney originally investigated the case and found the officers followed proper protocol.

    The Port Authority claims it has not yet received the paperwork and had no comment on the lawsuit.

    They'll have 60 days to respond at the federal courthouse.



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