• Motel 6 on Banksville Road condemned, tenants forced to leave


    The Motel 6 on Banksville Road was shut down by the Fire Bureau and Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections on Friday forcing tenants to leave.

    The building is now empty and the front door is boarded up with a condemned sign posted on it.

    According to the Pittsburgh Public Safety Department, the building is under construction and has no appropriate exits. 

    The Department of PLI will work with owners to bring the building into compliance, according to the Pittsburgh Public Safety Department. 

    Red Cross officials told Channel 11 that none of the people living in the motel needed assistance. 

    Allan Johnson and his wife have lived at the Motel 6 on Banksville Road for a couple of months, but late this afternoon the couple got a knock on the door that they had to leave immediately.

    They packed up what little they have and waited outside, trying to figure out what they’re going to do.

    “So they said we had to get out, not just us, everybody had to get out,” Johnson said. 


    The front building of Motel 6 has already been demolished but approximately 10 of the 40 rooms in the back building were still occupied.

    And that's the building that was condemned due to insufficient exits. 

    For Johnson and his wife, this is the second time to be forced out of an unsafe building. And with Christmas just around the corner, this move throws their world upside down.

    “Now it's happening again. There's no place in Pittsburgh for homeless people. It needs to change. This is too cold to be out here like this,” Johnson said. 



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