• Police: 'Aggressive' panhandler arrested after demanding money from detective


    Police say a man was panhandling outside a Pittsburgh restaurant when he picked the wrong person to aggressively pursue for cash.  

    Channel 11 spoke to business owners up and down Western Avenue on the North Side and they all said the man was intimidating and something needed to be done.

    His name is Fred Morgan and Pittsburgh police told Channel 11 he is one pushy panhandler.

    Thursday night, Channel 11 found out Morgan pushed one restaurant customer too far, a customer who turned out to be a Pittsburgh police detective.


    Morgan's now charged with aggressive panhandling.

    Business owners told Channel 11 Morgan has been a nuisance for months.

    In the police report, officers wrote the man was, "extremely aggressive when he got in the police officer's face and demanded the money. He was screaming obscenities and said, 'I need money for work!' then he called the police officer a name again."

    "Solicit money off people, become very aggressive, we've had several dealings with him," said business owner Jake Biers, who opened his brewery and pub earlier this year.

    He said Morgan has been a problem for months, soliciting money from his customers and when they don't hand it over: "He gets upset, gets angry and starts demanding," Biers said. "It its very uncomfortable, so I come out, usually I have to tell him to leave."


    Channel 11 heard a similar story from other business owners, who said they feel for people who are down on their luck, but Morgan was different.

    Morgan was already wanted for an incident last Saturday when police said he was aggressively panhandling and making terroristic threats.



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