• Police investigating several burglaries on same street in Penn Hills


    Penn Hills police are investigating several burglaries and attempted break-ins on Chaske Street, three of which targeted the same couple.

    Neighbors told Channel 11 it's a quiet street with minimal traffic since it's a dead end.

    "They were trying to (get in), but it's locked," said Mike Luktisch as he showed Channel 11 how the locks on his truck were all that stopped burglars in his Penn Hills neighborhood from robbing him.

    The attempt happened Thursday night, the third time in the last 10 days Luktisch, and his fiance Dana Dunlap were victimized. 


    "It's nerve-rattling," Dunlap said. "We thought this was going to be our forever home. I don't see it now."

    The couple was out of town for Thanksgiving, and when they got home last weekend, the house was trashed, with televisions, computers and hundreds of DVDs missing.

    The intruders broke in through a basement window.

    Three days later, a friend's car was broken into right in front of their house.

    "Thanks for making it so I can't sleep," Dunlap said. "I've been up 48 hours straight now."

    The couple filed several reports with Penn Hills police, including when they said they saw people trying to break into the truck Thursday night.

    Investigators confirmed to Channel 11 they are investigating a burglary and several thefts in the neighborhood.

    Now, the victims want answers as to why they're being targeted and when the thieves will be brought to justice.


    "I feel violated, having someone come into my house," Luktisch said. "We don't bother anyone in the neighborhood."

    Dunlap claims she saw a small, red SUV flee the scene Thursday night after burglars tried to break into her fiance's truck.

    Penn Hills police are investigating.



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