• Police identify suspect shot by Wilkinsburg officers


    PITTSBURGH - A suspect is hospitalized in critical but stable condition after authorities say he pointed a gun at officers and was shot by police during an attempted traffic stop in Point Breeze.

    An arrest warrant has been issued for Paul Anthony Adams Jr. for two counts of aggravated assault by physical menace.

    Channel 11 was in that neighborhood on Tuesday when investigators from Pittsburgh Public Safety returned to investigate, going door-to-door checking area businesses for any surveillance video of Monday night's shootout at the always-busy intersection of South Braddock and Penn avenues.


    The shooting happened just before midnight and brought traffic in all four lanes to a standstill. As soon as we could, Channel 11 got in close, where we saw a Wilkinsburg police car with large bullet holes, one in the roof and one in the trunk.

    Channel 11 also saw a long gun lying in the middle of Penn Avenue. 

    A Pittsburgh public safety spokeswoman told Channel 11 the 30-year-old driver of a silver Chrysler minivan got out of the vehicle, then re-entered it and came back out with a shotgun. He pointed it directly at Wilkinsburg police, who had pulled him over for running a red light in Point Breeze. 

    The spokeswoman said the officers took cover and opened fire, shooting the gunman in the back.

    Police recovered the shotgun, as well as an another loaded gun in the minivan.

    Channel 11 talked to customers of a gas station that sits just feet away. 


    "It's like dangerous out here sometimes,” said Jimmy Breslin. “You didn't hear about these shootings 20 years ago. Maybe like once a week. Now it's like every morning you turn on the news and there's like two or three shootings going on.”

    Wilkinsburg police initiated the traffic stop in Wilkinsburg but the shooting took place within Pittsburgh city limits.

    Wilkinsburg’s police chief said the two officers who fired their weapons are on administrative leave with pay, which is standard procedure after an officer-involved shooting.

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