Schools closing Wednesday because of boil advisory


Schools are shutting down and others are making big changes as more than 50 communities deal with a boil water advisory.

Right now, we are waiting to get the first water quality test results from Pennsylvania-American Water Co.

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Bethel Park 

"I'm over it, I'm over it, I'm really over it!" said Chelsea Blackburn, of Bethel Park, one of many whose patience is wearing thin.

"We can't do anything without water," Christina Koontz added. 

Parents in Bethel Park tell Channel 11 they're worried about Wednesday after just finding out classes were canceled in the district because of the water situation.

"They've had off for two days because parent-teacher conferences, so this is their third day off," Koontz said. "Now we have to figure out day care and everything."


South Allegheny 

South Allegheny Schools will also be closed Wednesday, as districts across the South Hills and Washington County make changes to keep students and staff safe, like taping off water fountains, ordering in bottled water and changing the lunch menu.

School will be in session Thursday and Friday after all of those changes were made.

Schools open, but making changes

Upper St. Clair School District will not serve fresh produce. Bottled water will be available and students are also encouraged to bring their own water bottles from home.

South Park School District will not have its salad bar or serve fresh fruit. Bottled water will be available and students can bring their own from home.


Peters Township School District had access to water stations throughout the day Tuesday, and water fountains will remain covered through Wednesday.

Trinity Area School District had bottled water available for students and hand cleaner that did not require water.



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