• Suspected thief caught on camera breaking into car with 'electronic device'


    A suspected thief picked the wrong house to walk in front of when he tried to break into a car on West Keeling Avenue in Derry Borough. 

    "I noticed the trunk of my Yukon was open and went out, closed it and went back in the house and my wife pulled up surveillance footage on the camera,” said the victim Shaun White. 

    Whether this suspect didn't know or didn't care he was caught on camera.

    It was Shaun white's SUV parked outside of his house overnight Monday around 4:20 AM


    "You can see the guy clearly holding up and iPad type of device it lights up he's touching things, and tries a door does it again and tries a door, first 2 cars it didn't work, and on my car it did,” White said. 

    White says it appears he's using some kind of electronic device near the door handle to unlock the driver’s side door.


    "There's another one, it works if it's within so many feet of the key fob it will pick up radio waves from it and read the code and program it off of that,” White said. 

    He didn't get away with much. White said he actually left most of the expensive stuff behind, but he wants people to be aware in case they could become the next target.   

    "Just because you have a newer car, doesn't mean you're getting away from somebody breaking into your car, there's still the tech out there to do it, they're gonna make money doing it."



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