• Victims tortured, tied up in Knoxville home invasion


    PITTSBURGH - Police are seeking suspects wanted in connection with a home invasion in the Knoxville section of Pittsburgh.  

    Investigators have arrest warrants for Raymont Dillard and Frederick Shields -- two of three suspects in the home invasion on Amanda Avenue Wednesday night.  

    According to court documents, Dillard, Shields and another man barged into the home with guns and demanded money. 


    Investigators said one of the suspects began to torture one of the victims by putting a butter knife on the burner of the stove, then applying the hot knife to his forehead and neck. 

    Investigators said the other victim was approached from behind, and the metal barrel of a pistol was pressed to the back of his head,  at which point he was forced into the dining room, where his hands were tied with a dog leash.

    Police said the suspects ransacked the apartment.  

    Investigators said the victims identified two of the three suspects involved because they were familiar with them.

    According to court documents, both of the men pleaded guilty to robbery a few years ago.

    Police said this wasn't a random crime and the victims were familiar with two of the three suspects.


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