• School district to continue busing family displaced by fire


    Siblings who were forced out of their home by fire will continue to be bused to school from their temporary residence, a local school board has decided. 

    Sarah and Jason Cobbses told Channel 11 about the fire that broke out in their Bellevue home on Nov. 5.  The Cobbses and their six children weren't hurt but they lost everything.

    Four of the kids were in jeopardy of losing the school bus ride that North Gate has been providing to get them to Bellevue Elementary since the fire. 

    "About three days ago, we were told very succinctly that was going to stop and that it was on us to get our children to and from school,” father Jason Cobbs said.

    The family was staying at the Residence Inn on the North Shore for the first three weeks after the fire. 


    Their new rental home on the North Side is less than three-tenths of a mile away, but the district was going to stop busing the kids. 

    The Cobbses said the district told them it can only bus the kids from a hotel, not a rental home.

    The Cobbses headed to the school board meeting Monday night to make their case to the board and get their kids bused to school until they can move back into their home.

    After hearing from the Cobbses, the school board voted unanimously to continue to bus the children.

    The Cobbses said they're planning to move back into their Bellevue home once it's repaired.


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